Nail Extension

Is an artificial nail that is placed on top of the natural nail. It is a tip a piece of plastic that looks like a natural nail and is available in French and a range of different and fun colours. The different types of nail   extensions that are available are named by the process that is used to adhere the plastic tip to your nail bed. The three most common methods of application are acrylic, gel, and fibreglass.

Bio-sculpture gel

Gel is a very solid but pliable material which allows natural movement of the nail (bending etc) used either directly onto the nail plate, or over a clear or French tip. We also have many beautiful coloured Gels for     long lasting wear.

NSI acrylic

Acrylic is a very porous material however definitely the toughest. It does not allow much movement but perfect for ladies that are very hard on their hands and battle with problematic nails.


Metallics are wonderful for anybody. Adding that little bit of extra “glam” to your fingers or toes. It is a solid shaped nail plated in silver or gold and then glued over your own nail. Very long lasting wear and always a  hit.

Mirror and Cats Eye Gel

Professional gel polish that offers a new magnetic gel  that gives your nail amazing cat eye and mirror effect that shifts during movement.

Nail Art

Add some interest to your nails by adding some nail art.

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